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Hello! I'm Aestrix, and I'm one person with quite a lot of accounts that I switch between to play different characters in roleplaying. I have a community with a listing of them all located here, and it's kept reasonably up-to-date. I occasionally forget to add recent accounts, but usually within a month or two I'll add them to the listing and you are free to stalk their accounts as much as you like.

This is my main account, but also my 'default' account. If I don't have a facecast or an account for someone, or I'm playing NPCs or something, this is the account I will be using, so please don't worry if my posts don't make sense together from my main journal. They are extremely unlikely to even form a coherent plot together. 'But Aestrix,' you might be wondering, 'It seems like these things are part of larger continuities, can I see those so I can understand just what is going on?'

Yes, yes you can. This is an index of the indexes and explanation of what is going on. I realized that the current system of 'Just sort of magically expect people to know where to wander to find the indexes' was not going to work. So this is my new solution.

First off, a large portion of my shenanigans are part of the roleplay community known only as 'Glowfic,' indexed completely on Alicorn's forum here. Glowfic is a catch-all term for various roleplays all run off of Dreamwidth, with the same sorts of characters and lots of alternate universes. Most, if not technically all of our communication goes through Alicornutopia. Also present are the TvTropes page and a wiki.

    Incandescence (Aestrix & Alicorn)
      Probably the 'main' thing people will know me by, Incandescence is sort of hard to explain. In essence, it's a multidimensional love story, where we see one couple in multiple universes and how they find each other and fall in love (or, in some cases, do not). With both members of the couple as altruistic megalomaniacs. And alternate universes that team up to bring lots of different systems of magic, resurrection, and immortality to everyone. Problems occur, shenanigans ensue. Also present are personified gods, an evil mind control knife, souls in the shape of animals, a talking cat, and a hell of a lot of snarking. My main characters here are one half of the relationship, known to themselves as 'Adarins' (better nickname for them pending) and an index of them is located here.

    Pixiethreads (Aestrix & Kappa/Pyth)
      I suppose the best way to describe Pixiethreads is, 'Kappa and I are distractable butterflies when put in a room together.' We have quite a lot of plans, and have started quite a lot of things, but by far the one that's gotten the farthest is Veil, or as I like to call it, Dragon Age: Redeem Literally Everyone, a Dragon Age reimagining. We have plans to pick up the others, but at the moment both I and Kappa are delighted by Dragon Age and will not put it down.

    Resplendent Circle (Aestrix & Alicorn & Kappa/Pyth)
      At some point, the three of us decided that we wanted all of our characters to play together. The easiest way to do this involved summoning demons and angels to other places. A lot of the characters present come from Incandescence or Effulgence but we try to explain everything that needs explaining without the necessity of reading its mother fic.

    Starry Matrix (Aestrix & Marri)
      Marri has some adorable characters, and several of them fit surprisingly well in one of my original worlds - so we put them there. Shenanigans ensued. Then we realized that it would be really funny if we put some of my characters in Storybrooke from Once Upon A Time. So that happened, and more shenanigans ensued.

    Bound Sunrise (Aestrix & Anthusiasm)
      A little tiny baby index that needs more love, and that is entirely my fault. At the moment, it has the beginnings of an AU of Incandescence world 'Hex,' and we are looking to expand it when I have the attention span.


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