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Aestrix ([personal profile] aestrix) wrote2014-10-17 12:57 am

Roll Call

Incandescent Peal

Harry Lloyd with white hair, looking at camera with a faint smirk. Cypress              Chamomile

Harry Lloyd with white hair, looking down and seeming pensive. Rain                    Hex

Robert Carlyle with grey hair, explaining things while waving a hand. Prime                  Epilogue

Harry Lloyd, trying not to let on that he is awkward and failing miserably. Max                      Medallion

Emilia Clarke, looking at camera, looks calm and prepared. Revival                 Inferno

Emilia Clarke, looks sort of shell shocked. Conduit                 Gemini

Leehom Wang, looking over his shoulder. Aldaras                 Treasury

Pealing Pending

Harry Lloyd in period clothing, squinting at camera. Quilt                       Ravel

Leehom Wang, hands clasped in front of himself. Adanir                    Quartet

Anthony Mackie, smiling, his hand supporting his head. Avedan                  Cycle

Harry Lloyd, looking to the right inquisitively. Darian                     ?

Pixiethreads Natives

Harry Lloyd with white hair, looking prepared to get to work. ?                              Lizard Pants

Crystal Liu, expressionless. Adanya                    Starshine