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Gemini's people on the whole have no idea how to process their new situation, post flock of angels. There are an awful lot of worried interviews, and allegations. Both Conduit and Flicker cease to just be a number on the board of 'the number of lives saved.' If they weren't a celebrity couple before, they really are now. But the Junebug's junior member protection program is pretty sturdy, by now, and the Swan and Sanders household is safe from all but the occasional stubborn interloper. Who is then promptly sent away (or, in one memorable case, arrested) by Charlie.

After the main ash cloud is dealt with, Revelation and Revival are dispensed to deal with the main area that was destroyed in the eruption. Most of the trouble wasn't with lava or pyroclastic flows, but with tremors and ash fall. While it would be ideal to recreate or unbury everything that was lost as it was before the eruption, it's deemed that living conditions of refugees is more important than sentimentality. Towns that can be easily retrieved are, and some of the bigger cities are worth the trouble, but a lot of them - just aren't. Perhaps in a hundred years someone will unearth the long-lost city of Pinedale. Today, though, some nondescript empty ghost towns with all sorts of amenities for refugees moving back into the area.

The volcano is told by a demon and an angel to sit down, shut up, and stop bothering people. It obeys. It gets a volcano treat, and the volcano treat is 'be covered over in pretty wildlife.' Refugees start slowly trickling in, after, nervously, but the conditions of the newly remodeled area are better than most of the refugee living conditions. Especially with large amounts of preserved food and survival supplies that have mysteriously found their way to the Junebugs for systematic distribution.

Actually, all things considered, it goes quite well.