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It's not common, for a god to leave their domain. The risk of losing a manifested form, while recoverable, is annoying, and a significant drawback. But it has been known, rarely, to happen. Sometimes, gods need to be do something important outside of their domain, and there are no acolytes or priests capable. Sometimes, a god is desperate enough to act as their own missionary. Sometimes, a god has no acolytes, and must accomplish all of the duties an acolyte would by themselves.

Raezenoth? Is bored. He has run out of things to do, and Idania is busy. With her boyfriend. Again. He would damn him, if he did not make her so happy.

He decides to go through a portal an explore. It's not without forethought, he's not stupid, he avoids the witch's world with its 'soul-pets' and the worlds where he could potentially be under threat, or expected to hide. That leaves, quite neatly, exactly one. Medallion and the daeva's set of worlds are dangerous and flying in public is considered abnormal. Spellbinders take time to charge their spells, and so he has time to react to them. The same is not true of Prime's world, though that's his second option. The world with spellbinders is his first.

That is why Katydid and Rain get a divine visitor.

"Hello," he says, as if his behavior is utterly normal.
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"Hello. Normally we'd like to be notified of interworld traffic in advance."
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"What are you planning to do while you're here?" she asks, her cat winding around her ankles with occasional glances of catly disdainful curiosity in Rae's direction.
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"And what are you going to do about it, besides walk through the portal?"
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"We aren't telling anyone about the other worlds yet. You look like a regular guy, if oddly dressed, but when you talk it's clear you are not a regular guy. Please don't talk to or in the presence of anyone besides me, Edarial, our familiars, or Zevros while you're here."
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"I can go with him to be sure he does not mess things up for you," Cricket suggests.

"Uh - if you want to tag along with the exploring god visitor, go ahead. Oh, and we also don't want any satellite deities like Perinixu's spring in Prime's New Kystle installed, thanks."
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Cricket rubs his face on Iobel's knee and then trots over to Rae.

"Okay, just checking," says Iobel. "How long were you thinking you'd stay?"
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"...Okay. If you run into trouble during that time please send Cricket to tell me rather than making a conspicuous beeline for the palace."
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And Iobel goes off to do queening.
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Leaving Cricket peering supervisorily at Rae, tail swishing.
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"Then pick me up. Do not pull my fur," says Cricket.
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"No," scoffs Cricket. "But do not drop me."
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Cricket peers curiously at the view. "The canals look more unnecessarily numerous this way. Canals are an uncivilized way to travel," he opines.
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"Iobel has cast her flying spell on me before but it does not last very long and I have not looked at canals with it. Water is for drinking and for fish to be in and it should not be for persons to be in."

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